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The Time Lords train

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The Time Lord’s train … It begins.

“If God Doesn’t Destroy Earth Now…..

He Owes Sodom & Gomorrah An Apology”

Harry Toye is the Irish Author of a controversial ‘young adult’, fiction adventure story, the Time Lords train. It claims to reveal answers to age-old and yet some quite current, questions regarding the spiritual realm, yet supply excitement, humor and suspense to skeptical teens. “A mystery is only a mystery to those whom it has not yet been revealed,” writes Toye.

Three teenagers mistakenly board an old western style train with shrill whistle, chugging iron wheels and belching clouds of white smoke. The single, huge lantern above the sloped ‘cowcatcher’ at the front illuminates the railroad track ahead. If there was a track ahead. But this train doesn’t travel on tracks nor does it have a driver in the cab.

Only when on board do they realise that the destination of ‘the Time-Lord’s train‘ is not a crazy jazz festival in Cork. Instead they quickly learn that each carriage in the extra-terrestrial train is a portal not just into past or future eternity but to other realms where danger lurks. A series of adventures ensue that put a different perspective on what they had been taught in church and at school.

A romantic element is fueled by fiery redhead Sorcha, a teenage girl from Derry, Northern Ireland. Her determined mantra is ‘women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition’. When Sorcha claims that David (who defeated Goliath) doesn’t understand women, he replies, “Women are not made to be understood but to be loved”.

Othniel, an elite but grumpy warrior angel transports the three rebellious teens through the mists of time and spiritual realms. They discover that the deadly battle raging between good and evil since the dawn of time is still rampant and now threatens Earth with an ‘end-time’ cataclysmic climax. “If God doesn’t destroy Earth now… he owes Sodom & Gomorrah an apology” warns Othniel, “Man has two free will choices, life or death? Some are still thinking it over.”

Startling revelations are unearthed that point to Earth’s future or lack of it. Encounters of the supernatural kind with angels, giant philistine warriors, demons, even Jesus Christ are enough to unnerve any kid but when they look into the carriage portal of future eternity they discover, the track is short and ends suddenly. The world has only one chance to survive but it’s a big ask of a teenage girl from Derry, a Chinese, Confucius-obsessed student from London and an asthmatic, American drug-user. It gives Sorcha, Longwei and Joshua cause at times to wish that they had never stepped off the platform at Connolly railway station in Dublin.

The adolescent adventure story, the Time Lords train, is available online and the ebook is compatible with all leading eReaders, tablets, smart phones and pcs’. It is being distributed on digital platforms in over 200 countries.

The author, Harry Toye is an entrepreneur with 35 years experience in Business Development, International Trade, Management, Business Advisory, Strategic planning and Marketing and E-commerce. However outside his ‘day job’ and his Christian Creative writing interests,  his most rewarding activity is as a member of the Five Fold Ministry Ireland, a small but greatly blessed Worldwide Revivalists and Christian Healing ministry.

The Time-Lords train is now boarding at:



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