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How the Apostles did it…

In Christianity on February 2, 2016 at 12:04 pm

Jesus picked the twelve disciples and commissioned them to go and tell the greatest story ever told, how Jesus Christ died a cruel death on Calvary for the sins of the world. What might appear remarkable to some is that there was no ‘big budget’ plan, no private jets, no T.V. stations to promote the events, no traditional or digital media, no T.V. Specials. In the natural world, we would say about all of this, that it’s a recipe for disaster. It couldn’t possibly work.

But these men, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, wrote the four gospels. John wrote Revelation and Paul wrote two-thirds of the New Testament. All of this is still being read today by Christians in the Christian church worldwide. So what do these men have that we don’t have in the Christian world now? The answer is quite simply, the anointing and dedication to the Love of Jesus Christ, and it works, obviously.

The problem in the church today is that the belief is that they must have large auditoriums, packed to bursting, with attendees praying for revival in the world. The point clearly missed at these convivial gatherings of church Pastors, Assistant Pastors and Christian leaders is, God Has already sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on Calvary, and He’s NOT going to do anything else.

It has not yet dawned on the church that they need first a revival of the heart and not of the head for His harvest to be brought in. We pray about the harvest. We talk about the harvest. We sing and dance about the harvest, but though the fields are ripe, there is still no harvest.

So what do we do? Certainly, we do not need bigger and bigger supersonic jets. We do not need big budget plans. We just need the anointing of God and the dedication that these disciples manifested because they DID bring in the harvest – with nothing.

It is time to stop singing and go out and preach the true Gospel, and that is Christ and Him Crucified and Risen, in your church and your town. Bring to your church, for a change, the people who do NOT know Jesus and this could include your brothers and sisters in your home.
Stop getting fat on Pastor’s teachings which in many cases are not based on the Word of God but the precepts of men’s teachings about the acquisition of material gain.

We must stop talking endlessly about these prosperity gospels. We are not against them, but they are saturating the airwaves, on radio, T.V., the Internet, all media – continuously begging for donations – apparently for revival. How come the disciples never had any personal wealth? They brought in one of the greatest harvests ever and one that still reverberates ‘till this very day.

anointing breaks every yoke

the Anointing




  1. My soul says a resounding (yes!) to this article. I thank and praise God for it.

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